Recently a bunch of Windows 8 screenshots appeared on the net. The screenshots are definitely fake. If you are on the lookout for real Windows 8 screenshots, get the details after the break.

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots

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Rumor has it that Steve Ballmer could possibly showcase a Windows 8 beta running on a tablet PC at the upcoming CES 2011 in February. Read more about this rumor and latest infos: Windows 8 beta release date infos.

So, while there are still no real Windows 8 Screenshots, we can assume that there will be eventually some leaks. Possibly in late January or early February, shortly before the CES 2011.

The “leaked Windows 8 screenshots” are actually taken from Windows Small Business Server 2011 (RTM). The build number on the screenshots is Build 6.1.7900.0. Rumor has it that Windows 8 could have the build number 6.2.xx. Of course, all of this is speculation. Check out this list of Windows 8 builds if you are into rumors, but take it with a grain of salt.

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots

Windows 8 Screenshot 1

Windows 8 Screenshot 2

The second screenshot states that this is Windows build 6.1.7900. That’s a Small Business Server 2011 RTM build and *not* a Windows 8 build.

Mysterious Windows 8 Screen?

Someone also submitted this screenshot to our site without any explanation whatsoever. However, I think it’s only a gorgeous Windows 8 concept, like the Windows 8 concept created by Farhood Kankash

Windows 8 Screenshots Lynx

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