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The People app is probably one of the most exciting features of Windows 8 I’ve seen yet.

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If you want to get in touch with someone, the Windows 8 People app is the way to do it

Yesterday, Microsoft showed off a new app for Windows 8: People. Continuing the rebranding process of moving away from Windows Live, People is basically your address book and social networks in one location.

In the video, which you can watch below, Jeff Kunins – Program Manager on Windows 8 – explained the app. It’s described as somewhere to connect and engage with all social networks, and those people, in one place. There’s a similar implementation in Windows Phone, which I thought forced social network integration.

The first design goal was to make the app complete and connected, with personal and work accounts along with Facebook and Twitter. You don’t need to remember accounts to get in touch, and People updates when a new person is added on another device. People are linked together in one, unified contact card and provides a seamless and at-a-glance social activity instead of missing posts. Users can Like, retweet and comment.

Separate Social Networks, In One Place

Photos is similar, allowing all photos to be viewed and interacted with on the People app while scrolling in a horizontal view. If you want to connect another account, just go to the Settings menu and add it.

The People app lets people know when comments have been made on posts. Once Facebook and/or Twitter are connected to the People app, content can be shared from the app. In Messaging, it’s easy to pick a friend on the left-hand side to start a chat with. It’s very Messenger-esque, with all the content in one place. In Messaging, if you can message across devices then there’s a definite iChat rival.

The People app is cloud-powered, so content is there when using a new device or browsing on the internet. When singing into a Windows 8 PC for the first time, services integrate immediately. SkyDrive was also shown being used from the web, which again displayed the integrated social networks. Microsoft said users choose what to connect, and when to change the connections. The Windows 8 Release Preview is available now to download.