Microsoft Shows Windows 8 Business Apps Microsoft showed off next generation of business apps for Windows 8 at at the Convergence conference for the Dynamics ERP and CRM Customers and partners

Microsoft proves that we can get down to business with Metro in Windows 8

There are two sides to Windows 8: the Windows 7-esque, desktop environment, and the new Metro UI. Both are being pitched in different ways – the Metro UI is for fun and play, the desktop is for more serious work. Considering Microsoft has obviously put a lot of effort into the Metro side, it seems a shame it’s being relegated to more casual use. Well, Microsoft is setting out to change that conception (even though they’ve created it themselves) by showing concepts of how business apps will look when working fully with Metro. The results are pretty great.

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Microsoft has been showing of the app concepts at the Convergence conference for the Dynamics ERP and CRM Customers and partners, which began March 19. The event takes place in Houston, Texas and has an estimated 10,000 attendees.

Striking presentation

The apps are using HTML5 in Windows 8, which Microsoft seems to be supporting greatly when taking into consideration the recent Internet Explorer promotions, and the apps connect to Dynamics ERP and CRM back-end services.

An image supplied shows the familiar Metro UI, but more neutral in tone with grey and blue tiles on top of a black background. The tiles also, unsurprisingly, play a big part in showing important content in manageable chunks. From activities that need to be completed, to pending invoices to the projects in planning. The result is that the Metro UI seems a big step up from Windows 7 and its predecessors, providing content that is easy to organise and stay on top of.

Another image supplied by Microsoft also shows off a “Project Approval,” removing the somber aesthetic of the first image and replacing it with a white background. The page shows the budget, the team members involved, the start and end dates along with the current tasks. Again, the information is very easy to process and seems like a no-brainer when it comes to presenting projects. An advantage of Metro is that the documents can be moved to and from tablets.

Microsoft shared no word on a release date, however Microsoft’s “statement of direction” document hints towards a 2013/14 release date.