What are the best 5 iPad Games in 2011? Check out the top flight simulation, RPG games, strategy games and racing games for the iPad and vote for your favorite game!

Best iPad Games 2011

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As soon as the iPad was released, everyone understood that it’s a mobile gamer’s dream console – it has a beautiful screen, powerful internal hardware and a long battery life – all the components of a good gaming console.

Indeed, why would you want a Sony PSP when you can get the iPad? The only limitation at first was the lack of good games, but that is not a problem anymore. Just check out some of the games you can play on this device and you’ll understand why dedicated gaming consoles are practically dead:

Best Flight Simulation Game for the iPad: Flight Control

One of the best simulation games for the iPad:

FLight Control for iPad: Best Game 2011

Flight Control HD. Flight Control has been one of the most popular games for the iPhone and iPad, ever since it was first released. It is brilliantly simple, yet very addictive – the perfect formula for a successful game for any console. The gameplay puts you in control of an air traffic tower, and you have to guide the planes to their landing zones. Sounds pretty simple, and it is in the beginning, but soon enough you don’t have enough fingers to guide all the planes, which are flying around like crazy. In short, this is a must have game for any iPhone or iPad owner!

Best RPG Games for the iPad 2011: Dungeon Hunter & Infinity Blade

My favorite RPG for the iPad:

Dungeon Hunter for iPad: Best RPG Game 2011

Dungeon Hunter HD. Dungeon Hunter was the first true RPG game for the iPhone, and is still one of the best in terms of gameplay. The iPad version has been updated with better graphics, of course, and is ready to take on any new comers like they’re nothing. You’ll go on adventures, solve quests, hack and slash enemies with a wide variety of weapons, customize your inventory and character, and much more. The controls are a bit iffy, though, which stems from the fact that it’s a port from the smaller iPhone, but that shouldn’t detract from the interesting gameplay.

Another top RPG for the iPad:

Infinity Blade for iPad: Best RPG Game 2011

Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is an amazing RPG that looks fantastic. The gameplay and story are great, and the controls are specifically optimized for the iPad’s big multi touch display, making the game a very pleasant experience. There are over 30 items in the game, including armor, swords, shields, rings and other stuff that you can use to defeat your enemies. Sure enough, you’ve got your usual character building and achievements, which make it even more addictive. If you like RPG and action games, Infinity Blade is a game you must check out!

Best Racing Game for the iPad 2011: Need For Speed Shift

If you like racing games, this one is a must-buy:
Need For Speed Shift Best Racing Game for iPad 2011

Need for Speed Shift. The Need for Speed series are probably the most well-known racing games for desktop computers, and recently, the developers started releasing versions for smartphones, as well. The latest in the mobile series is Need for Speed Shift – an excellent racing simulator for the iPhone and iPad with very nice graphics and in-game physics, lots of great cars (28 of them), nice tracks and special effects, good controls and more. You get a lot of car tuning options, as well as the ability to play against your friends via Bluetooth or Wifi – the multiplayer alone is worth getting the game, but you’ll also enjoy the single player modes, which can keep you entertained for hours at end.

Best Strategy Game for the iPad 2011: Civilization Revolution

A top strategy game:

Best Strategy Game for iPad

Civilization Revolution. Civilization is the most popular series of turn based strategy games for desktop computers, and Revolution marks its entrance to the mobile sector. The game follows the usual formula: you start with a tribe in ancient times and build up a world empire, with dozens of cities and powerful militaries. You get a lot of management options, diplomacy, combat and expansion, a lot of units to build and more. Unique to the iPad is the ability to create your own maps, which in itself is a very nice distraction.

Sure, there are a lot of other games that look much better than the ones above, but that doesn’t mean they’re better – and the popularity rankings prove it. The above games are some of the most popular ones and usually so many people can’t go wrong – you should definitely check them out to see what they’re all about when you get the chance!

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