When you’re on a long trainride or a long business flight you need some cool entertainment apps for your iPad. Here are the 5 best apps that will keep you entertained on the go.

Best iPad Entertainment Apps

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The phenomenal success of the iPad surprised everyone, but there’s nothing magical about it (despite what Apple claims :-) – the device is simple to use, very portable and can do a lot of things with its 300,000+ apps on the marketplace. Of course, one of the most important areas for most people is entertainment – and the iPad sure delivers! Here is just a tiny collection of the best apps (in my opinion) for entertainment on the iPad:

Top TV Shows on the iPad: ABC iPad Player

The ABC Player is the best iPad to watch top TV shows right on your iPad. Perfect entertainment.

ABC Player iPad Entertainment App

ABC Player. If you watch ABC, you’ll be happy to know they have their own iPad application, which you can use to watch all of your favorite shows, wherever and whenever you want. You can watch any episodes that are airing or have recently aired on the channel, view an up-to-date schedule from the company itself (so it’s very accurate), pause the viewing mid episode and come back later to take off where you left, and much more. Of course, the only drawback is that it’s all ad supported, but that’s a given for any free TV channel or iPad app.

More about the ABC Player iPad app

Music Entertainment: Pandora Radio for the iPad

Music – one of the oldest forms of entertainment (aside from storytelling of course). If you love music, you need the Pandora Radio iPad app!

Pandora Radio Entertainment App

Pandora Radio. Pandora Radio is the most popular and by definition, the best music streaming application for the iPad, iPhone and even Android phones in North America (sadly, it doesn’t work outside the continent). It lets users create their own custom radio channels by choosing their favorite artists and/or albums and stream them to their iPad via a 3G or Wifi connection, whenever they want. The iPad app supports all that, and also lets you bookmark you favorite songs, share your thoughts with other users, find lyrics, and more. If you like music, then Pandora Radio app is a must on your iPad!

Get the Pandora Radio iPad app

Comics: The Marvel Comics iPad App!

If reading comics is your favorite entertainment, you need the Marvel Comics iPad app:

Marvel Comics Entertainment App

Marvel Comics. People who are into comics (especially Marvel comics, obviously) are sure to appreciate this app. It is basically a full-fledged comics magazine/reader/store in one simple app with a nice interface and easy navigation. You can choose and download from hundreds of comics with your favorite heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Spider Man and more. Reading them is a whole new experience – the quality display of the iPad is perfect for the high resolution of the page images from the comics, and flipping through them and zooming in and out when you need is a breeze.

Get the Marvel Comics iPad app

Books: iBooks for the iPad

If reading is your favorite entertainment and you don’t want to fully rely on the Amazon Kindle, give the iBooks app for the iPad a try.

iBooks iPad Entertainment App

iBooks. The iPad is the perfect device for reading – in fact, it was meant to be a competitor to the Kindle since it was first launched, and in my opinion, it totally killed it. Sure there are those who prefer the Kindle, but I and a lot of other people want to have everything in one device, especially when its screen is so nice. Amazon seems to understand that, which is why they’ve released the Kindle app for the iPad. It allows you to do everything you can do on the Kindle – download books from the biggest marketplace and read them in a nice interface, with the added benefits of a color display and the ability to switch to the Web browser for more information at any time.

Get the iBooks iPad app

Gaming: Angry Birds

If gaming is your favorite form of entertainment, then you need Angry Birds. A no-brainer! Tip: For more games for the iPad check out our post: Best iPad Games 2011

Angry Birds Entertainment App

Angry Birds. There are a lot of games for the iPad, but few come close to the fun and replayability of Angry Birds. This is practically the only game you’ll ever need to spend hours at end without noticing how time flies by. The premise is simple: the pigs stole the birds’ eggs, and they’re out for vengeance :-). Flinging them and watching the various fortifications fall is very addictive, more so with the fun soundtrack. You should definitely try this game out for the iPad and iPhone!

Get the Angry Birds iPad app

The iPad is a perfect device for mobile entertainment, and the thousands of apps in the category can easily confirm that. I’ve listed only the top of the iceberg above, and if you want more or something different, be sure to search for what you need on the iTunes marketplace – I’m sure you’ll find it!