If you are looking for free password recovery software and tools to recover lost administrator password or crack your Windows login password, give these tools a try.

Free password recovery software for Windows 7

Passwords protect unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, but they only work if people remember the code. If the administrator of the computer forgets the password, all sorts of problems can arise. It is for such a situation that free password recovery software for Windows 7 was created. Free password recovery software allows users to access the secure data without a password.

Pro Tip: Make sure to read our article on resetting the admin password in Windows 7 – a very detailed guide that explains how to recover your admin password!

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Ophcrack LiveCD – Cracking Password

OPHCrack Live CD

Ophcrack uses a dictionary attack to crack passwords that are 14 characters or smaller and consist of a combination of numbers, capital letters, and lowercase letters. To use Ophcrack, download the program and burn it to a CD, then restart the computer and boot to the CD. Ophcrack will locate the users on the computer and begin cracking their passwords. Once the CD is removed, log back into Windows normally with the recovered password. Keep in mind that two of the files in Ophcrack, samdump.dll and pwservice.exe, are often flagged as malware.

PCLoginNow Password Recovery Tool

PCLoginNow Password Recovery Tool

To use PCLoginNow, follow the same steps required for any free password recovery software for Windows 7. Download the ISO files, burn them to a CD, set the BIOS to boot from the CD, and restart the computer. The software presents users with the option to select the account whose password they want to change, and then to choose the kind of password protection they want the account to have. In addition to password recovery, PCLoginNow can be used to reset passwords, lock or unlock accounts, and upgrade a general account to administrator status.

LCP Password Recovery

LCP Password Recovery

LCP combines a number of password recovery techniques, including brute force, hybrid, and dictionary attacks, to recover lost passwords. It also allows users to set limits to improve retrieval time. Users can specify a combination range, character sets, and a maximum and minimum character length. Make sure to turn off any antivirus before downloading the file, since many programs will delete the software instantly. In addition, be aware that using LCP free password recovery software for Windows 7 may slow down the CPU a bit.

SXPasswordSuite Password Recovery

SXPasswordSuite Password Recovery

SXPasswordSuite does more than unlock the password for a single application; it is an entire suite of password recovery tools. It is fairly comprehensive, which means that it is not a very small program. It can be used to retrieve almost any password stored in the browser, including passwords for MySpace, Facebook, Google and its subsidiaries, MSNLive, Yahoo, and Outlook. The retrieved passwords can be exported to either a text or HRML file.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is one of the fastest free password recovery software for Windows 7. It is intended for more advanced users and has a user interface that mimics the typical command prompt windows. In order to use the program, Windows must have been shut down cleanly. If there are errors such as “read-only filesystem” reboot the computer and shut down from the log in page, or try to boot in Safe Mode. Be aware that encrypted files will be unreadable once the passwords are reset, unless the old password is entered.

Free password recovery software for Windows 7 can be a great help when you’ve forgotten your password. However, it can also be used to access someone else’s data, which is why many security programs flag the downloads. It may be best to temporarily turn off the antimalware programs running on the computer before downloading any free password recovery software for Windows 7.