A lot of trojans threaten our security lately. One trojan cleared all of the bank accounts of a certain bank in the UK. You should run anti-virus software like Malwarebytes regularly to avoid viruses. It is definitely handy to know how to run Malwarebytes from command prompt!

Run Malwarebytes from command prompt

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Running Silently Or With Special Parameters

Running Malwarebytes from command prompt has many advantages. You can run it silently or with other special parameters. Let’s get to it!

First, open up a command prompt by entering cmd.exe into the search field. Once the command prompt is open, we have to cd into to the Malwarebytes folder!

1. Step CD into Malwarebytes folder. Enter this

CD: C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

This is the default path, change accordingly.

CD Malwarebytes Folder

2. Step Next, we run the Malwarebytes .exe file to run Malwarebytes from command prompt. We can pass some additional parameters.

3. Step Enter mbam.exe /parameter

Running Malwarebytes from command prompt

Command Prompt Parameters

We can replace /parameter with the following command prompt parameters:

  • /quickscan (perform a quick system scan)
  • /fullscan (scan the full system)
  • /runupdate (update malwarebytes)
  • /fullauto (runs a full scan silently. silently means it runs in the background)

There are more command prompt parameters, but these are the primary parameters that you will need to run Malwarebytes from the command prompt.

Tip: Never run Malwarebytes in safe mode if you are able to run it in normal mode