Keyboards Device Manager_ll If you happen to run into a problem with the hotkeys CTRL+C and CTRL+V that are frequently used for copying files, then here is a possible fix

Kill Processes That Could Be Blocking This Shortcut And Remove Keyboard From Device Manager

1. Step One of the possible culprits is that another program assigned a new function to the shortcuts. So check if you are using tools like Autohotkey first. If you do, do not just suspend them, actually close them and then test

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To close the tools go to the task manager CTRL + ALT + DEL

Kill Autohotkey

2. Step If that doesn’t work, open the Device Manager, uncollapse Keyboards and uninstall it via right-click

Keyboards Device Manager

3. Step Still no dice? Kill all processes via the task manager one by one and check if CTRL + C works

4. Step There must be a program that is using that shortcut or blocking it – think carefully about what programs are on your PC. Do you use any tools like DisplayFusion or screenshot tools that could accidentally block this shortcut?

5. Step Are you using an alternate file explorer for Windows 8? Consider all possibilities that could block CTRL + C and CTRL + V

Still no luck? Post a question below