DriveInfo gadget picture This great gadget gives you the information you need to know about your hard drive at a glance, and can also display multiple drives at once!


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This is an extremely convenient gadget. It displays your remaining hard drive capacity in both gigabytes and percentage, along with a visual representation of how much space is being used on your drive. Double-clicking the hard drive icon will immediately bring up the folder of your hard drive for easy access!

DriveInfo gadget options

In the options menu, you can choose among three different background opacities to suit your preferences and background picture. Also, you can choose which hard drives have their information displayed. You can even have more than one hard drive displayed at a time! This is a very handy gadget to have!

File Download

This gadget provides a hassle-free installation on Win7, simply double-click it and it’ll be installed. Not tested on Windows 8

Download DriveInfo Gadget