Linkedin_logo The new iPad app for LinkedIn has received a lot of love from reviewers and the company says that the app might just step over and join the Windows 8 bandwagon as well in the near future.

Windows 8 Getting LinkedIn App Sooner Than Later

The new iPad LinkedIn app has caused a lot of positive reviews to come out and the company has told Business Insider that a Windows 8 version (along with other versions such as Android) is entirely possible in the near future. This because the app is written mostly using HTML5 — a common markup language that most modern browsers already understand. It is used for making complex webapps and as in this case, complex mobile applications as well.

Since HTML5 has support across platforms, it is going to be easy for the developers to quickly come up with a port of the app for another platform for Windows 8. So it is quite possible that they will launch the Windows 8 version of the LinkedIn App before the commercial launch actually happens or around the same time as the commercial launch.

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LinkedIn in fact might just be waiting on Windows 8 to see how the new platform shapes up before putting in effort to port their app to it. This is something that a lot of companies would be doing right now but thanks to the iPad app, LinkedIn is in a position to deploy a Windows 8 version faster than anyone else.

Windows 8 is a brand new platform that creates a brave new world for most companies to venture in to. It’s entirely redesigned and unique Metro UI has so far been received well by critics, although it does have its fair share of detractors as well (which all new technologies do). According to the latest rumors, the commercial launch is to happen in October this year. The next official build – Release Preview – is due in June this year.