Feed_ly1WebReader is a feature-rich RSS reader that is available on multiple platforms, including PC and Mac desktops, as well as all major mobile operating systems. Designed to enhance a user’s experience with Google Reader, WebReader hasn’t been supported by the developer since Google Reader went offline in July of 2013, and many people are searching for a suitable alternative.



One of the most popular Google Reader replacements, Feedly is an excellent alternative to WebReader. The interface is easy to use, including multiple view options like WebReader, as well as a magazine-style view. Feedly also offers even more choices for social sharing. The service offers a web-based reader, along with a standalone desktop app and mobile versions for Android and iOS devices, but BlackBerry users will have to look elsewhere for WebReader alternatives.

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Official Site:http://feedly.com

2)The Old Reader


A classic RSS reader, The Old Reader aggregates a user’s feed into a simple, traditional interface that mimics the original Google Reader interface. The biggest appeal of this feed reader alternative is its community features. Users may connect through The Old Reader to share web pages and comment on stories. An option to share content and comments via Facebook is also available, but no other social circles are currently supported. Several 3rd-party reader apps are available for mobile users.

Official Site:http://theoldreader.com



Individuals who enjoy more control over their feeds will appreciate the organizational features of NewsBlur. With categories and tags, users can easily access the content they prefer, and can personalize their NewsBlur experience. Content can be shared through the user’s personal BlurBlog, where other users can subscribe to the feed and make comments. The free version supports up to 64 news feeds, while premium subscribers get additional features and faster access for $24 per year.

Official Site:http://newsblur.com



Visual readers will like the attractive, image-centric layout of Flipboard. The modern, magazine-style reader is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users, as well as individuals who use Windows 8. Users can choose from an assortment of magazine titles in various categories, and can add their own feeds from favorite websites or social networks. The app also allows people to collect, save, and share other web pages as well by installing a simple bookmarklet extension in their browser.

Official Site: http://flipboard.com



Those who prefer a simplistic alternative to WebReader and feel they can do without all of the social sharing features should give Newsvibe a try. A completely web-based RSS reader, Newsvibe allows users to organize their feeds into folders for easier viewing, in addition to being able to star important items. There are no mobile or desktop apps available for Newsvibe, but users can access their account from any web-enabled device. It also supports the offline viewing feature available in most browsers.

There are dozens of RSS readers available, each with a variety of different features and extras. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to read your news or a convenient way to share your favorite stories, these are some of the most popular WebReader alternatives.