Microsoft Photo Viewer Default File Association_thumb By default Windows 8 will associate all JPG and PNG files with the Windows 8 photo app, but you can open pictures with Microsoft’s Photo Viewer instead,

Step by step instructions how to change file association for image files

1. Step Open the folder where your images are stored via the explorer (Windows key + E)

2. Step Right-click on a JPG or PNG image file and hover over Open With

3. Step Select Choose default program from the options

Open With Choose Default Program.png

4. Step You can now select “Use this app for all .JPG files” and select Windows Photo Viewer

Open With Windows Photo Viewer.png

5. Step Your explorer will refresh

6. Step Next time you double-click a JPG file, it will automatically open the files with Windows Photo Viewer

Microsoft Photo Viewer Default File Association.png

7. Step If you now see an ugly yellow background color, follow our tutorial on fixing ugly yellow color

Image file associations can also be modified via the registry if you’re an advanced users

  • Should you still have problems and it’s opening images via the Windows 8 app, follow the steps carefully again or post your problems

IMPORTANT: Repeat the same steps for PNG and GIF files or other image files you want to open with Microsoft’s Photo Viewer instead