Ultrabook vendors and resellers are worried about the speed at which windows 8 will be adopted.
Ultrabook vendors and sellers are worried about a slow adoption curve for windws 8

Windows 8: The Usual Hiccups Of A New Platform

Windows 8 is being projected as the OS that will completely change the face of the PC. It is considered to be Microsoft’s answer to the ever increasing mobile forces from competitors Google and Apple. It is also said to the Platform that Ultrabooks were designed for. So it is naturally expected to boost Ultrabook sales once it is launched. Vendors and resellers however are apparently thinking otherwise.

According to some Ultrabook vendors and resellers, the new platform will not increase Ultrabook sales in the short term because of the usual reservations that customers have against trying out a new platform as soong as it is launched. Unliked techies like us who watch the clock count down to the release, the average customer would like to wait a few months to even a full year before they invest in a new platform. And given that this platform is so very new, it might complicate matters.

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Corporate users are already in to the habit of waiting for about a year before upgrading. The average consumer, the vendors and sellers fear, will wait for a few months for the new OS to be broken in by the early adopters. They will wait for the general opinion and looks out for bugs and how they are fixed. This is what they (the Ultrabook channel players) are afraid will drive down Windows 8 Ultrabook sales once Windows 8 itself is launched. However, there’s no way of telling how customers will react to the multitude of new devices that will be flooding the market as soon as Windows 8 is launched. So there might yet be hope.