Rob Grimshaw, managing director of Financial Times at told the press about an upcoming Windows 8 app for the publication.
Financial Times Is Working On A Windows 8 App

Financial Times Windows 8 App To Be Ready In Time For Windows 8 Launch

The Financial Times has seen some success with their HTML5 app for mobile devices and this has given them the inspiration to develop a Windows 8 app. According to Managing Director Rob Grimshaw, the company is quite excited about Windows 8 and the possibilities that it represents. He said the tablet space is still open to competition and a dominance is yet to emerge.

But that does not mean Grimshaw is waving away Apple’s contribution to the market. Far from it, he actually went on to praise what Apple has done in terms of creating a whole new market category. He then added that despite Apple’s contributions and kindling the revolution, they still believe Microsoft and Windows 8 will have a decisive impact on the market.

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“We can’t believe that this is going to be a marketplace which is just dominated by one player in perpetuity,” said Grimshaw. So he aims to finish a Windows 8 app for the Financial Times by the time Microsoft is ready to launch Windows 8. In his words, he wants the FT app to be one of the first things found by the user when they buy the freshly launched Windows 8 devices. And according to him, Windows 8 provides fantastic tools for the job and he believes it will help them create a great app experience for the user.

This news comes in the wake of FT pulling away from the Apple App Store and investing in an open HTML5 app instead. This move was made in order to avoide the 30% cut that Apple keeps off all app sales along wth storing subscriber data. Microsoft will also take 30% of each app sales but will discount high selling apps by reducing that cut to 20% once the app has generated $25,000 in sales.