Google backed firm FIDO Alliance are edging closer to their target of endiing the use of the password by reaching another key milestone.

FIDO Alliance Version 1.0 Released

Google backed FIDO Alliance announced version 1.0 of their project. With their mission of ending the common password this represents a key milestone for the company.

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“Today, we celebrate an achievement that will define the point at which the old world order of passwords and PINs started to wither and die,” said Michael Barrett. Barrett is the president of the FIDO alliance .


FIDO stands for “Fast Identity Online”. With two specifications inbuilt the aim to allow and web or cloud based application to use password alternatives that can range from biometrics to hardware tokens. “FIDO Alliance pioneers can forever lay claim to ushering in the ‘post password’ era,” he stated, “which is already revealing new dimensions in Internet services and digital commerce.”


Near Field Communication And Bluetooth Technologies on the way

New extensions are soon set to be added to the FIDO Alliance Technology. Among them include incarnation of near-field communications and bluetooth beacon into their existing range of capabilities.

“The world needs a simpler and more secure login method for online services, and FIDO’s open specifications help achieve this,” said PayPal’s director of product and ecosystem security – Andy Steingruebl,
“PayPal has already deployed FIDO-based login with its mobile app when running on FIDO-ready devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5,” he stated.


They are attempting to create an ecosystem of companies that combine both manufacturing and tech and say that 25 companies have already been recruited to their eco-system.These include US based Misfit and iHealth Labs .

FIDO Alliance Seek to End The Overwhelming Use of Passwords and Usernames

FIDO want to be the solution to a world where the consumer is getting overwhelmed and inundated with new passwords and usernames that even require regular changes.


It is often stated that in this day and age – passwords only offer an illusion of security as many use repeat phrase and even take to writing them down.