Do you want to try out the new Internet Explorer 9, but you really don’t know if you can even run it on your PC? Here are the system requirements in order to run IE9 properly.

Internet Explorer 9 Requirements

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Tip: Internet Explorer 9 is currently in beta and does not officially support Windows XP. If you don’t want to run a beta, you can get more information on the release date here: IE9 Release Date Speculations

Operating System Requirements

Important: Windows XP is NOT supported by Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 supports the following operating systems: Vista (SP2+), Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 (SP2+) and supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the systems.

Memory Requirements

Internet Explorer 9 does not require a lot of memory. The minimum recommended memory requirements are 512MB. However, a modern operating system like Windows 7 should have 2GB at the very least. For Windows 7 64-bit a minimum of 4GB RAM is needed. If you don’t have 4GB you should consider installing 32-bit instead, which will increase your overall performance (requires less RAM).

Disk Space Requirements

About 70 – 200 MB are required to install Internet Explorer 9.

Other Requirements

Obviously you need an internet connection (no way!) and a monitor that supports 256 colors resolution). So, you can’t run Internet Explorer 9 on your 30-year old Atari ;)

I’m wondering what old PC you can actually make it run on. A 10-year old PC can easily run it. But when you add another 5 or so it’s starting to become more problematic, depending on your hardware.