Free RSS Reader for Windows 7 You are still not using RSS? You are living in the past my friend. Every site has one. A RSS feed. You know .. that little orange icon at the top. Most people still don’t use it, even thou we’re living in 2011 now.

I admit, I was never a big fan of RSS. Heck, I even removed the RSS icon from our site, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I never really used it until I discovered the finest of all RSS readers a couple months ago. Never before I bothered to find a decent RSS reader.

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Now, let me ask you something. How many websites do you visit daily aside from facebook? How many blogs do you read? Don’t you hate to visit each site only to find out that the site wasn’t updated? Bummer. Ok, you can use sites like to open multiple sites at once, but that’s still a time waster.

That’s why RSS feeds are so handy. Especially, when you have a good RSS reader.

Download Free RSS Reader for Windows 7

Feed Reader Software for Windows 7