Ok, let’s cut to the chase – I love 3D utilities. Did you like the virtual 3D desktop for Windows 7 that we reviewed earlier this year? If so, you might like this 3D web browser too.

3D Web Browser Tool

Microsoft is working on some pretty cool stuff. WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is one of the latest break-through technologies that is available since Vista. For techies: WPF employs XAML, a derivative of XML, to define and link various UI elements

Based on WPF, Chris Cavanagh developed YouCube – a 3D web browser.

Let’s take a look at it:

3D Web Browser for Windows 7

3D Web Browsing

Head over to http://www.chriscavanagh.com/chris/Cjc.Chromium3D/publish.htm to install YouCube. It will take some time until the web installer has downloaded the necessary files, but it’s worth it.

3D Web Browser for Windows Phone 7

There are also 3D web browsers for mobile phones like the Windows Phone 7:

3D Web Browser for Windows Phone 7

Surfcube is one of the best solutions and is available for only $1.99