Ok, let’s cut to the chase – I love 3D utilities. Did you like the virtual 3D desktop for Windows 7 that we reviewed earlier this year? If so, you might like this 3D web browser too.

3D Web Browser Tool

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Microsoft is working on some pretty cool stuff. WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is one of the latest break-through technologies that is available since Vista. For techies: WPF employs XAML, a derivative of XML, to define and link various UI elements

Based on WPF, Chris Cavanagh developed YouCube – a 3D web browser.

Let’s take a look at it:

3D Web Browser for Windows 7

3D Web Browsing

Head over to http://www.chriscavanagh.com/chris/Cjc.Chromium3D/publish.htm to install YouCube. It will take some time until the web installer has downloaded the necessary files, but it’s worth it.

3D Web Browser for Windows Phone 7

There are also 3D web browsers for mobile phones like the Windows Phone 7:

3D Web Browser for Windows Phone 7

Surfcube is one of the best solutions and is available for only $1.99