Display Folder Size in Windows 7 We previously reported about 3 free disk analyzer for Windows 7 that can be used to find large files in Windows 7 and that can display the folder size after scanning your hard drive. Here’s another free one that can also display the folder size as a pie chart.

The tool is called “Folder Size”. Here’s a small preview of it:

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Display Folder Size Pie Chart

The free tool is one of the best disk analyzer. It will quickly scan your hard drive and even display a pie chart of the biggest folders and files on your drive. You can then right-click on a folder and open it in the Windows Explorer. So, it’s not a Windows Explorer replacement, rather an extension too display the folder size in Bytes, KiloBytes, Megabytes and GigaBytes.

FolderSize will give you detailed information for all the files and folders. You can sort by:

  • Name
  • Folder size
  • Size percentage from the parent folders size
  • Files count inside the folder
  • Subfolders count
  • Creation time
  • Last modification time
  • Last access time Folder owner and group

You can download the free application over at http://www.mindgems.com/