WriteItNow1 Slow PC? Broken Windows Registry? We compared the best system optimizer and utilities to increase your speed again and boost it up significantly

Over time, all computers tend to slow down and run less efficiently than when they were first booted up. PC system utilities software can optimize and speed up computer processes, helping them run as well as when they were first purchased. Users seeking a solution to slow-moving computers should take a look at the top five best rated PC system utilities software options.

1) Advanced System Optimizer


Costing around $30, Advanced System Optimizer can help users clean up their slowing PCs quickly. This software repairs errors in a computer’s registry and hard drive, freeing up space on the computer to help increase running speed. It also helps users locate duplicate files which may be taking up much needed space, also leading to lagging computer speeds. It’s also very user friendly and simple for the most casual computer users to figure out. However, since it comes with a plethora of options, it can be a bit intimidating for users to initially navigate.

2) WinZip System Utilities Suite


At approximately $25, WinZip System Utilities Suite contains numerous optimization features as well as a game optimizer. This program can be scheduled to run during certain times, in order to keep up routine computer maintenance and prevent a computer from slowing down again. Analysis tools are also included and easy for all users to understand. On the downside, this software is missing several partitioning features that its competitors are able to offer.

3) System Mechanic


Clocking in at $50 is System Mechanic, a system utility software program that has one of the largest features sets of its contenders. Users are able to locate and attack problems using several different methods, in order to make optimization easer depending upon a user’s experience level. While extremely effective, this program can be very daunting. Maintenance and diagnostic functions are made to appear overly complicated, even when completing simple tasks.

4) Magix PC Check and Tuning


Magix’s $35 solution to increasing a computer’s speed and optimization is a great tool that constantly monitors computers for issues or errors that may cause harm or lead to slow computer operation. It also allows users to see the programs that run upon the computer’s startup and lets them determine whether all the programs are necessary to be constantly running. Despite its perks, Magix lacks solid shortcut repair options, forcing users to go through the entire repair process each time they want to run a scan.

5) Tune Up Utilities


Also costing around $35 is Tune Up Utilities, a system enhancing software option with unique features. Tune Up Utilities practically runs itself and is ideal for users with little to no technical computer experience. Tune Up Program Deactivator, is a neat feature that identifies programs taking up the most memory and space and allows users to decide if they’d like to remove them. This software, however, is quite stream lined and would not be a good fit for users looking to customize their software experience.

Each of these top system utilities software choices can help users increase speed and space on their computer, in order to help their computers run like new. Some programs offer more advanced features for users looking for customization or specific functions, and other are easy for recreational users to run without needing much computer knowledge.