Āµtorrent Portable 3.1.3 Build 27220 Utorrent Is A Bittorrent Client_ll You’re wondering what ISP’s will start monitoring your Peer-to-Peer traffic for pirated content? Here is the full list of ISP’s

Various ISP’s will notify you of illegal file sharing and if you continue to violate laws, they may slow down your internet download. Yes, that is correct. You can only prevent this by using VPN’s, Proxies or an ISP that is not on the following list

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List of ISP’s

1. Step AT & T
2. Step Comcast
3. Step Verizon
4. Step Time Warner Cable
5. Step Cablevision

We predict that many people will switch to AOL and other ISP’s like Google’s service that will be available to more and more US-households

Do you think this will prevent or decrease P2P file sharing? Do you think there is a difference between giving a friend a disc and sharing a file with a friend?