Tell Me More French1 Want to learn French? Modern software can help you to get started quickly and become a master of this elegant language

Learning a new language can be difficult and become fluent in that language is even harder. There are dozens of software programs claiming they can help users effectively and easily learn French, but it can be difficult for users wanting to learn to determine with programs are the best. Check out the top five French language learning software programs, in order to find out each program’s highlights and deterrents.

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1 Tell Me More French

Tell Me More French

At just under $210, Tell Me More’s French language learning software is one of the top competitors in the language learning process. Specific lessons and activities in Tell Me More French help users of all levels target language basics, such as grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary. Speech recognition software also assists users with learning how to accurately make certain key sounds. Tell Me More’s menu, however, is slightly lacking in ease of use. The menu icons can be a bit confusing and some are even difficult to notice.

2 Fluenz French

Fluenz French

Fluenz’s French learning software, retailing at $180, is more simple and basic than most other language learning software. The French language is broken down onto an easier to understand level, incorporating vocabulary and grammar into nearly every exercise. While teaching one skill, this program easily integrates a few other skill challenges that users won’t even realize they’re practicing. On the downside, this program does not offer speech recognition software, which may make it more difficult for users to effectively speak French.

3 French Complete Edition

French Complete Edition

Also costing users $180, French Complete Edition is a language learning suite that offers a variety of features. Users can track their goals, record their own voices speaking French to help target mistakes and improvements, and get extra help with online tests and lessons. Despite its benefits, this software is really two different programs, which can make navigating a bit tricky. The speech recognition software also does not recognize as many mistakes that other programs are able to catch.

4 Berlitz French Premier

Berlitz French Premier

An inexpensive option to learning French is Berlitz French Premier, retailing at just under $40. This program incorporates the use of video tools to help users learn French with text translation features. It also comes with translator tools that create lists of vocabulary users are struggling with in order to help them practice more. Grammar tools are also included. On the downside, this software has a much more difficult to navigate interface and relies heavily on videos that cannot be paused or stopped.

5 Rosetta Stone French

Rosetta Stone French

Rosetta Stone is one of the most trusted names in computer language learning, and their French version for $230, is no exception. Rosetta Stone relies on picture and word association in order to help users learn French words. It also seamlessly incorporates grammar into lessons, without ever teaching grammar rules. While Rosetta Stone makes learning French easy, it is geared towards beginners and actually charges more money for advanced levels of language learning.

Finding the right software to help users learn the French language is paramount. These top programs will help any user learn French, but their key features set them apart. Users looking for more video learning should invest in Berlitz, while uses wishing to ensure they cover all the basics might prefer Tell Me More.