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Sparrow, the popular e-mail client for iPhone, was once claimed to be in development. That didn’t happen, and it wasn’t even close to release, claim Sparrow sources.

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Sparrow for iPhone is a beautiful Mail app, but we’re not getting it for Windows … for now

If you’re serious about e-mail, you’re not serious about Mail, the default e-mail client for iPhones. Sparrow, release by developers of the name, released earlier this year and provided a functional yet beautiful e-mail client. It was far from releasing on Windows, however, despite a developer’s different claim.

Sources speaking to technology website The Verge claim the program was never in development for Windows. The developer of the apparent Windows version, Panos Tsimpoglou, claimed he had spoken with Sparrow around of a release for around now. Sparrow said the app was a prototype, and didn’t use the company’s mail engine.

Tsimpoglou had claimed the app was just weeks away from release. Another bogus claim, according to Sparrow. Tsimpoglou said he had asked Sparrow if the branding would be the same, and there wouldn’t be negative differences betweens the iOS apps and the Windows version.

The app was going to follow in the steps of other formerly-exclusive-to-iOS apps, such as Instapaper, which was developed by another developer for Android. The app has been popular on the mobile platform, since launching earlier this year.

Sparrow for Windows Version Bogus, But What About Gmail?

Sparrow’s sources speaking to The Verge said the Windows app was never going to have the company’s branding, so if it had release it probably would have been illegal. As The Verge said, a copycat app.

The prototype didn’t retain the design of the iOS version – a key selling point for the app. Hopefully Google’s acquisition of the developers means Gmail will get a huge overhaul, because the current iOS apps if functional but not as elegant and smooth as Sparrow. It still feels like there’s a delay in action, whether checking a box to delete e-mail or opening a mail.

It also means the iPad version isn’t happening, because Sparrow in its current form isn’t going to be supported, but Gmail for iPad/Surface/another Windows 8 tablet could happen. And we may even see a Gmail redesign, if we’re lucky.