If you have sensitive data on your PC, you might want to check out 4 of the best encryption software tools for Windows 7.
Safehouse Explorer Encryption Software

Data encryption software protects the data in your computer so that others cannot access it. The programs use a variety of algorithms to encode the data. The best encryption software for Windows 7 is one which uses a fairly complicating algorithm, or even offers the option of different algorithms. However, it is important to remember that using encryption software is only the first step in ensuring your safety online.


True Encryption Software
Across the board, TrueCrypt is rated by many as the best encryption software for Windows 7. The program is an open source program and completely free to use. It has the option of 11 different algorithms, including AES256 and TwoFish. In addition, since the program is open source, users can insert their own encryption algorithms into the program. Though the software is perfect for computer geeks, it is not ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of computers. The interface is not user friendly and though the help manual is great, the in program help is fairly useless.


AxCrypt Encryption Software
AxCrypt is exceptionally easy to use and integrates effortlessly into Windows Explorer. Once the program has been installed, encrypting a file is as easy as right clicking on it and selecting encrypt from the drop down menu. Encrypted files are password protected and users also have the option of creating a key-file. AxCrypt can also be used to encrypt a copy of the file, encrypt a copy to .EXE, and shred and delete files. Cryptographic primitives are AES-128 and SHA-1, and encrypted files are shown with a new icon and a .AXX extension.

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SafeHouse Explorer

Safehouse Explorer Encryption Software
SafeHouse Explorer is easy and convenient to use, since it looks and acts like Windows Explorer. The program is available as portable freeware, but the portable version is missing some features. One security issue with SafeHouse is that it works by moving an unsecure copy into the secure vault, leaving the original file on the unsecure hard drive. To counteract this, SafeHouse offers a Secure Delete function, which removes the unsecure copy completely. The installed program creates a secure SafeHouse drive that can be worked off of, preventing the issue altogether.

Dekart Private Disk Light

Dekart Private Disk Light Encryption Software
The user interface on Dekart Private Disk Light is incredibly easy to use, with only four buttons for the whole program. The program uses AES 128-bit encryption to create secure vaults. When the program is running, the vaults are mounted as removable disks and work like any other folder on the computer. To secure the data, simply close the program; the vaults will look like regular password protected files. The program is ideal for those who need to do some basic securing, but it may not work properly on USB drives or on user accounts without administrative rights.

In today’s day and age, the biggest security threat is not a physical one, but a digital one. Data with personal information can be uploaded and shared with thousands of people at the click of the mouse. Using the best encryption software for Windows 7 is a great first step in keeping your data and information safe.