GPS software is in huge demand. Do you want to download or buy a GPS software? Read this review of the best Windows-7-compatible tools

Best Windows 7 GPS Software

There are a number of GPS software options available, some of which are free such Google Maps or Mapquest, and others that need to be purchased. Smartphone users often have GPS apps loaded onto their phones and usually just have to pay for licensing which is quite affordable. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a GPS navigator unless you own a higher end car with one built in. New Windows users with GPS systems will be interested to know about the current best GPS software for Windows 7 which has been highlighted below.

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Garmin GPS Software

Across the board, Garmin is rated as the best GPS software for Windows 7. There are many different versions of the software available, and it is important to know which one offers what. Garmin has software for every country and continent, so be sure to get one for the right location. The software is available on a microSD card or on a DVD. The maps on the DVD version can be downloaded to a PC, but the microSD card can be inserted into a window mounted GPS. Garmin also sells single updates or a lifetime of free updates.

Street Atlas USA 2011 Plus

Street Atlas is geared towards businesses and advanced users, featuring maps loaded with information. There are 150 million addresses and phone numbers programmed into the maps and users can also import their own data. The program features 2D and 3D NavMode voice commands, spoken directions, and automatic rerouting. It can be used on its own for before the trip planning, but requires a GPS receiver to be usable on the go. As with many other GPS programs, Street Atlas may not have new streets listed in their database.

Streets and Trips 2010

Streets and Trips is a Microsoft program. This means that the program is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, but it also means it features Microsoft’s usual lack of customer service. However, many people feel like the lack of customer service is not an issue, since the program is easy to use and practically glitch free. Streets and Trips features 1.7 million points of interest. It allows users to send their route to their GPS device and share trip details with friends and families. In addition, the program can be used to calculate how much gas will be consumed on the trip and the cost of the fuel.

Topo North America

When it comes to outdoor recreational activities, Topo is the best GPS software for Windows 7. Topo North America shows complete topographic maps for the US and Canada. If the software is missing the name of a local road, users have the option of adding it to the program and assigning it a name. Since even the best GPS software does not have a perfectly updated database, this is a very handy feature. Be aware, though, that Topo North America is intended for those experienced with GPS systems and novices may find the user interface a bit much.

Purchasing one of the best GPS software for Winodws 7 allows users to access a variety of GPS data from their computers, even without internet connection. Most of the programs are intended for before the trip planning and require an additional piece for on the go GPS abilities.