Download Skydrive For Windows_ll If you have some important files on your PC that you don’t want to lose, it would be a good idea to get yourself a copy of Skydrive to backup files straight to the cloud

Installing Skydrive 

1. Step First of all head over to and log into your Live account. Once logged in, go to PCs and then on there you will find the download button
Download Skydrive For Windows.png

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2. Step Download the installer and click on it to start it, you will be greeted:
Welcome To Skydrive.png

3. Step After the installation you will get a Skydrive folder added to your Favorite folders so you can quickly access the Skydrive folder and copy files there
Skydrive Folder Library.png

4. Step During the installation you will be asked to sync your Skydrive folder with your PC – if you already have a lot of files on it, you may want to exclude some files to avoid wasting disk space
Synchronizing Folders On Skydrive With Your Pc.png

5. Step Once the installer finished, you should also have a Skydrive tray icon, it will allow you to increase your storage, go to your Skydrive account and configure various Skydrive settings like automatically starting Skydrive on every Windows start-up
Skydrive Tray Icon.png

6. Step Go back to your browser and open again – when you click on Manage storage you can then increase the size of your Cloud drive:
Manage Skydrive Storage.png

Get More Skydrive Storage.png

Skydrive Prices

7. Step Here is the list with prices that you should see now
Skydrive Storage Plans Prices.png

Backup Tools for Skydrive and Windows 8

After you decided how much space you need for your backups, you still need a good backup tool

Here is one tool you may want to try that offers a free trial and even completely free version:


We’ll walk you through using this program to backup Windows 8 in another guide that will be published shortly