Download Space Simulator_ll There are many cool tools out there to explorer space right from your Windows Computer, for example Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope, but there are also many space simulator that provide additional information

Explorer The Observable Universe Using This Space Sim

Using this Space Sim you can explorer stars, nebulae, entire galaxies and whatever you want to explore in space. It provides a lot of detailed information like type of Star/object, distance, diameter, mass, mag, luminosity, temperature, size and close-by planets

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Space Sim Explore Stars And Orange Dwarf

Simply select an object you want to explorer

Select Object Then Go There.png

Use the buttons at the bottom to go there

Go To Star

Use the arrow keys and the “free mode” to explore – The free mode can be activated by clicking the icon left to the rocket icon at the bottom (world with cursor)

Nebula Exploration

Download Space Sim

Nebula Exploration_ll You can download this program for free over at or download it from our Mirror. This program is approx. 500MB large, so the download may take a while

Download From Fast Mirror