Photokey 5 Green Screen Photography_ll There are blue screens for perfect movies and green screens for great photos. If you need a good green screen software, here are 3 of the top choices

Green screen creation software can easily help users transport their film subjects anywhere, without needing them to move a muscle. Users looking to work with a green screen will need to invest in a good software program that will help make their ideas look believable and professional. Before using this technology, users need to first understand exactly how green screens work.

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About Green Screen Technology

Green screen technology is able to replace the green coloring in any image with a background, animation, or picture of the user’s choice. Green screens can easily be bought by students, teachers, photographers, recreational and professional film makers, as well as by companies. Believability is essential with green screen technology, and thus, shadows must be avoided. Ensuring the subject in front of the green screen is far enough away so as not to create shadows is important when taking pictures or filming. Lighting should also be positioned so as to avoid shadows.

Green Screen Software Options

There are many programs out there that can help users transform green screens into any backgrounds they desire. While easy to find, some programs work better than others and yield more professional results and high tech quality. Beginners seeking the best green screen software options should take a look at the below top three best green screen programs.

1 FXhome PhotoKey


Photokey 5 Green Screen Photography.png

PhotoKey is one of the highest rated green screen software programs, particularly for users not accustomed to working with green screen technology. Costing $150, this software makes photo editing a breeze for those who aren’t experts at editing or enhancing graphics. Aside from replacing green screens, this program also allows users to create or import logos and texts, as well as apply color filters. Professionals, however, may find this program to be a bit too basic for their photographic or film needs.

2 Green Screen Wizard


Green Screen Wizard.png

Created by a photographer, Green Screen Wizard is one of the most used green screen programs on the market, costing just $100. This program uses reality integration software to help make it look like the subject is truly standing in front of the chosen background and not just pasted in front of it. Blue screens can also be used with this software, a feature not often included in most green screen programs. The only negative comment about this program is that it could come with more pre-installed backdrops.

3 Chroma Genie


Chroma Green Genie.png

Chroma Genie, starting around $200, is a green screen editing software option that can be used for more professional and authentic looking photographs. This program offers a camera tethering function, where the green can be removed in the camera, rather than after the data transfer. This program is also compatible with Photoshop and has many additional plug-in options and features. This software, however, may be too advanced for recreational or basic users with little to no image editing experience.

Using green screens can be a fun way for anyone to enhance photos. It’s also a professional method that photographers use daily to create better photograph backdrops. Any user interested in enhancing photographs with green screens should be sure to purchase the software best for their needs.