Page Plus Want to create a fancy logo? Here are some tools that includes lots of templates, shapes and objects to build a logo from scratch. Great choice for beginners

A logo is often the face of a company and is arguably one of the most important promotional tools a company can use to get its name out in the market. A good logo creation software package typically has a wide variety of easy-to-use tools for fonts, graphics and images. The software should offer many choices to the user for coloring and shadowing as well as 3D effects, rotation of an image, outlining and resizing in order to provide maximum options for unique logo creation.

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1 Page Plus Works for Novice Logo Designers

Page Plus

Page Plus X6 is one of the best software packages for creation of logos. A complete desktop publishing suite, it includes a very user friendly logo editor. Users may create unique and innovative logos for their own companies or for their clients. The software includes built-in color schemes along with styles and transparency tools which enable users to create professional looking logos that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Page Plus software is compatible with most file types and features some advanced filter tools like blur and feather, emboss and inner glow. Although the software has a large variety of tools and features, it is still amazingly easy to use even for people who are not particularly creative.

2 LogoMaker can Scale Logos to any Size


LogoMaker 3.0 provides tools that enable users to manipulate entire lines of text by flipping or rotating them to achieve the desired effect. The software may also be used to shape logos into circular rings, concave images or other interesting forms to make them stand out from among the crowd of other logos. The LogoMaker software package includes over 1,500 professionally designed logo templates from which to choose as well as 6,000 special objects and shapes for use in making visually appealing and exciting 3D logos. The software includes a shape maker feature that allows the user to design specific shapes to be integrated into the logo, and the entire process is very user friendly.

3 AAA Logo Makes Customization Easy

AAA Logo

The AAA Logo 2013 software package is ideal for both beginners and experienced logo makers alike. The package includes many graphic objects and images that are easy to customize to meet the needs and purposes of individual businesses. The software allows the user to take individual characters in a logo and manipulate them to make an arc or a circle. It also features a style button that includes 725 predefined color styles that can be applied to a logo with just one click of the button. AAA Logo is easy to understand and implement even for the most inexperienced user. Bundled design elements like templates, images and objects simplify the logo design process for all users of AAA Logo.

Whether designing a logo for one company or hundreds, the advanced logo design software packages available today make the task less daunting and more enjoyable. User friendly software with predetermined color schemes and styles help even the most uncreative individual design a visually appealing and interesting logo.