F.Lux is a potential wonder program for those who are interested in ergonomics. It adjusts your computer’s display colors and temperature based on the time of day and your location, which helps reduce eye strain and can thus keep your vision from degrading as quickly over time. While F.Lux is the best-known program of this type, it isn’t the only kind of program that does this. Presented below are four alternatives that you can try out to see which one you like the best.

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1) Redshift


An open source alternative to F.Lux, Redshift was created by Jon Lund Steffensen and is available as a free download. The program adjusts your computer screen’s gamma ramps based on the position of the sun. That means that the program can take into account your location when it adjusts the levels, meaning that sunnier places will be altered differently than locations that have a lot of darkness. This system will overwrite any custom gamma settings, but will give your programs a more natural look overall.

2) G.Lux


G.Lux is an unofficial variant of F.Lux which provides the same general service but also has a wider range of compatibility. It can be used by Chrome OS users, users who don’t have administrative rights to their computers, or users who want to change the color of a browser but not the whole system. This program operates as a simple browser plug-in and is ideal for those who want to alter their color scheme at work or in a school and otherwise would not be able to.

3) Blackout


For those who use Macs, Blackout is one of the best programs to provide some help with late-night work. The program is a simple screen dimmer that also comes with focus aids to help you pay attention to the areas of the screen you need the most. The screen dims based on a timer that synchs with the time of day and which can be customized to adjust for poor lighting conditions. This program also comes with a spotlight addition that can help you follow your cursor, even if it goes across multiple displays.



For Android users, Twilight is a program similar to F.Lux that focuses more on helping people relax at the end of the day. The program allows you to set a specific time for a blue filter to be added to your phone’s display. This can be used to improve visibility late at night, but it also helps your mind relax if you want to make a smooth transition from working on your phone right into a restful sleep.

Each of these programs is either free or extremely affordable. They all provide some lighting support that will help your eyes and also keep your brain more engaged in the task at hand no matter what time of day it is. If you are a F.Lux user, try these alternatives to see if one fits your needs better. If you are new to the lighting programs in general, the selection above should give you lots of different options to choose from.