SugarSync1 More and more programs require you to sync settings with your mobile devices. We have reviewed 4 alternatives to SyncMate that you can use to sync

SyncMate is a popular program designed to help synchronize updates between different mobile devices. Using a program like this, you can make sure that work you do on your Mac also gets updated on your Windows PC, smartphone and other devices. SyncMate is not the only program out there that does this, and different needs might create the need for different alternatives. Consider some of the alternatives listed below when looking for good synching software.

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1) SugarSync


SugarSync is a program that can be utilized by Windows PCs and Macs which provides syncing and a backup option for multiple computers and smartphones. The program offers a total of 5GB of free online storage space, which can be very useful for backing up documents that you don’t want to keep on one or more devices. This program is also useful to many different people from around the world thanks to the fact that it comes in five different languages including Chinese, English, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

2) Insync


Google Docs is one of the most popular ways to share files but it does have its bugs and issues, specifically if you want to put a document on your hard drive. Insync is designed specifically to cater to users of Google Docs, providing better syncing between multiple computers. Currently, the technology works for Windows and Mac computers but Linux support is coming soon. The software is currently still in beta but works effectively and can be downloaded to either Windows PCs or Macs for free.

3) MegaCloud


Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in technology, and MegaCloud exists to help people take advantage of the cloud. This storage and syncing program provides ways for you to access files on any platform and sync up specific devices that you can pre-select. You can mark frequently accessed files as favorites, making them easier to retrieve no matter where you are. The program also include an in-app text editor, allowing you to make changes to a document that will be saved immediately to the cloud, changing the file not only on your device but on all other synced devices as well.

4) FolderSync


FolderSync provides cloud storage for a variety of different devices as well as syncing services. What separates FolderSync from other alternatives is its wide range of compatibility with similar software. In addition to helping to sync up Windows as well as Mac devices, this program is compatible with other storage devices such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, LiveDrive, Amazon S3, and much more. If you use a variety of different devices and a number of different programs as well, this might be a good way to tie all of that data together.

When you are looking for a way to synch up multiple devices and store files online, you have a number of different options to choose from. Look through the SyncMate alternatives above before deciding on one particular service and then choose the program that best suits your needs. Most of these programs are freeware, meaning that cost will not be an issue at all.