Microsoft Visual Studio is a great IDE, but there are so many other IDE’s you can use to become more productive as a coder

Customization is key in any modern computing experience. Programs like Microsoft Visual Studio give users the chance to redesign the graphical interface of some programs to fit their own personal preferences, or to design a special look for a program of their own design. Microsoft Visual Studio is but one example of this sort of program, and there are many alternatives out there for somebody who wants to make sure they explore all the possible options available.

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1) Eclipse


Eclipse is a project management and design platform that allows you to manipulate everything from run times to application frameworks. Some of the features of this program include enterprise development, embedded and device development, and application life cycle management (also known as ALM). The program offers a rich client platform and a variety of different interface options. This is a cross-platform piece of software, which means that it will function well for Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux systems.

2) NetBeans


NetBeans is an open-source piece of software, which means that it has a lot of flexibility. The program provides a wide range of program and web design tools, including Java language, C++, PHP, and several dynamic languages. The program features enterprise support and help in designing mobile applications as well. With a simple interface and easy installation, this is one of the easier pieces of development software available today. It has cross-platform support, and can run effectively on Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux machines.

3) Aptana Studio


If you are interested in designed programs for web development, Aptana Studio is a good fit. This set of software comes with a heavy focus on authorship, and offers both design and collaboration services in several popular coding languages. Some of the coding options offered include PHP, CSS, and FTP. The program is available for Mac OSX, various versions of Windows, and Linux. There isn’t much in the way of offline support for Aptana Studio, but the online tools are very robust.

4) Qt Creator


Yet another cross-platform program that works with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, Qt Creator provides a variety of different programming and design options. Some of the features available include an advanced C++ code editor, an integrated GUI layout and forms designer, and a visual navigator to make coding easier than ever. There are a number of search and navigation tools to help you make sure that any code you input can be clarified and corrected very quickly. Finally, the program comes with a context-sensitive help center that tries to anticipate what you are about to ask and seeks to provide an answer before you even finish asking the question.

Programming can be a challenge, especially when you start from scratch in designing a new GUI or other core element. Consider your area of specialty, if any, when deciding which of these alternatives to go with. Some provide specific assistance, while others are more general. All are very useful in making sure you get the support you need, no matter what project you are engaged in.