Apps Leaked Of Rtm Build

Windows 8’s release to manufacturing (RTM), wasn’t supposed to leak builds and have images surfaced online of the operating system. Both have happened, with the experience we can expect to see from our first boot of the OS.

Interested to see what you’ll be using on day one of Windows 8? Read on

It’s been a couple of days after the announcement of Windows 8 heading to RTM, but Microsoft hasn’t had time to rest. Leaked build surfaced online, the Metro branding is going, and now photos of the stock (pre-installed) apps in Windows 8 have surfaced.

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Mail probably resembles the rebranding of Hotmail, or rather the other way around. It’s a simple three-column design, with your mail categories on the left and list of message in the middle. On the right is the message in full. Users have who used Sparrow, or even though it’s newly released, will instantly pick up the design. Additional e-mail accounts can be added.


Messaging is more of a two-column design: message are on the left in preview form, with the sender’s name, and the message is in full on the right along with the sender’s picture. It seems, by default, singing into your PC signs into the messaging services. As long as it’s in the background, then I’m fine with that. Again, you can add more accounts.



The contacts application is now called People, and has three categories basically. The first is Social, bringing people from Facebook together (the screenshot doesn’t seem to show Twitter). In the middle if the Favorites tab, for people you talk to a lot. Finally, there’s the All section for searching through the complete list of contacts in alphabetical order.


The Camera application in Windows 8 looks like the most simplistic camera software I’ve seen, taking notes from Windows Phone in that regard. You can drag a grid around images, presumably for cropping images, and there’s a slider for scrubbing videos. You can also swipe through images and video, with a play icon in the bottom right-hand corner and run time marking videos.


Surprise, the Games section of Windows 8 looks like the Xbox Live’s current dashboard. There’s various squares of various sizes highlight games, and you can compare Xbox Live players’ gamerscore with yours.