You want to remove write protection from a disk? Here’s how you do it!

The Disk is Write Protected

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So, I tried to move a file on my external hard drive. I received the message “The disk is write protected – Remove the write-protection or use another disk”. This can sometimes happen (possibly a driver problem). Diskpart is a system tool that can be used to modify the attributes of disks and remove the write-protection. Here’s how you use it.

1. Step Open a command prompt and enter

2. Step Enter diskpart

Diskpart Windows 7

3. Step Enter list volume

List Volumes in Windows 7

4. Step Enter select volume # where # is the number e.g. 3

Select Volume

5. Step Enter attributes disk clear readonly

Remove Read Only From Disk

6. Step If the write-protection is still active, you can try to enter attributes volume clear readonly instead.

A possible solution, if you don’t want to always use diskpart to remove the write protection over and over again, is to install AHCI drivers for your drive. Here’s how to enable AHCI in Windows 7