What Are 4K Quad Hdtvs_thumb I predict that 2013 will see A LOT of new tech trends emerging. One example are 4k Quad-HD TV’s


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82-inch Mitsubishi – Large But No 4K Res

There are already some pretty large TV’s like the Mitsubishi 82-inch TV, but the HD resolution is limited. That’s why leading TV manufacturers came up with something bigger and better. Many movies are already edited in a 4k resolutions, so it makes perfect sense to produce TV’s that actually support this resolution. LG managed to make the first TV with a 4k res …


What Are 4K Quad Hdtvs

Picture: Mitsubishi WD-82742 82-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV



Lg 84 Lm96000

Price: $19,999.99

The LG 84LM9600 is a perfect example of what we are expecting to be around in 2013 – but for a much better price tag. Prices will come down eventually to find more buyers. Sony will also be amongst the first companies to sell 4K TV’s. SNE’S financials are not so good and they have to deliver good results again. 4K TV’s are their chance for a massive turnaround – we wouldn’t be surprised to see a bundle of 4k TV’s and a Sony PS4 by the end of 2013


What is 4K Quad Television?

4k television technology is an emerging trend on the market today. It refers to the fact that the horizontal resolution on the TV is derived from around 4,000 pixels. 4K is a much more extreme version and quality of high definition television.

Quad also refers to the resolution upgrade, and the fact that it the resolutions will 4 times larger than that of previous models. The downside of 4k quad TV is that there really isn’t any viewer content out there specifically for this design. However, the way technology and business moves it is only a matter of time before someone starts marketing for this particular audience.

Understanding Why Resolution is Important

For the most part, understanding what 4K technology is breaks down to understanding resolution in television viewing. Resolution is what allows people to see a picture clearly and it is made up of tiny little points called pixels. The easiest way to think of a pixel is to liken it to an atom. Although a pixel is the tiniest part of a picture, each individual one holds color and visual references, so when coming together as one body in a full screen, there is the ability to see a complete picture. The more pixels, the more details; which is why HDTV has become such a hit in the last few years offering the highest quality of TV viewing ever possible.

What Brands Offer 4K Technology?

In 2012, LG released the biggest LCD television ever with the 84 inch screen LG 84LM9600 with 4K innovation. Not to be out done, Sony announced in late summer that they would take pre-orders for the XBR-84X900 4K television to be out in stores in November. The race is on to see which company’s product comes out ahead in customer satisfaction and consumer demand.

With new technological breakthroughs, people will be hungry to get their hands on these products. One thing that may impede these televisions becoming the next big things however is the price; expect to pay $20,000-$25,000 for one of these bad boys, but the prices will come down eventually and the 2013 holiday season will most likely see several mainstream 4k Quad TV’s!

Reviews and Future Outlook of 4K Televisions

Due to the newness of these products, there are not too many reviews of the televisions themselves, or costumer usage of them. There is however some discussion of the technology itself and the idea that, as is common with new advances, it will soon replace the previous machinery. DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) realized a few years ago that movie making development and filming needed to have a higher quality and began down the road of working with 2K specification and eventually 4K. And given the way 3D is becoming more and more in demand, 4K offers a better clarity with future 3 dimensional movies and televisions.

Although the details of the technology may or may not be something the general public understands, one thing they will get is better television viewing. And in a day and age where gaming, home movie services and systems, as well as internet streaming through TV sets is becoming common place people will appreciate and flock to sharper images and better quality.

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