The Kernel Power Manager Has Initiated A Shutdown Transition_ll Alright, this morning I ran into a Windows 8 issue: It would restart without warning when connecting a device and launching a certain program

Disable Automatic Restart On Failure

Although this applies to blue screens, it is recommended to disable automatic restarts on system failure – just in case Microsoft is also using this setting to initiate other shutdown operations (unlikely but you never know)

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1. Step Hold CTRL + F

2. Step Enter Advanced System

Results For Advanced System Settings

3. Step Click on View Advanced System Settings

4. Step At the bottom click the Settings button

View Settings On Advanced Tab.png

5. Step Uncheck the option Automatically restart

Uncheck Automatically Restart On System Failure.png

Identify Possible Causes For Restarts: E.G. Virus, Devices, Bug

Try to re-produce the error and find out what triggers it!

1. Step Next, we will identify possible causes. Generally, Windows 8 will not restart itself unless there is something telling it to do so.

Unplug and disconnect all devices you have, including external drives, cameras, USB adaptors, yes I mean literally everything, ESPECIALLY newly added devices! Remove the newest devices first – one by one

2. Step Keep testing

3. Step Open the Windows event logs to identify possible causes

4. Step To do that, hold CTRL + F and enter event logs into the search

5. Step Uncollapse Windows Logs and then click on System

Check Windows 8 System Log.png

6. Step Scroll down and check all entries one by one – find one that is close to the time of your last restart. If you already know how to reproduce the error you should do that and write down the exact time, then compare with the time in your event logs. Since I knew how to re-produce the error, I managed to find out why Windows 8 was restarting itself: According to the event logs the kernel power manager initiated a shutdown. While that doesn’t give me an exact answer, it’s a start:

  • This error could be causes by malware or a virus
  • Could be causes by broken devices (unplug!)
  • Bug


The Kernel Power Manager Has Initiated A Shutdown Transition.png

7. Step Additionally, I found out that Windows 8 was issuing a User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program. I believe you may have to opt-in to send feedback to Microsoft. While I encourage everyone to send feedback to help MSFT fix problems, you may want to disable the scheduled events for testing purposes

Testing: Disable Scheduled Events: Customer Experience Improvement Program

1. Step Hit CTRL + F and enter schedule

Schedule Tasks Windows 8 Search

2. Step Click Schedule tasks on the left

3. Step Uncollapse Task Scheduler Library, Microsoft, Windows, Customer Experience Improvement Program

Customer Experience Improvement Program Disable It.png

4. Step Right-click on each task individually and click Disable to disable all tasks that are scheduled to send feedback. They will only do that if you opted-in, so it should be safe to do this

Disable All Feedback Tasks To Stop Sending Feedback To Microsoft.png

Should look like this now:
Tasks Disabled.png