Healty Primary Partition Corsair Ssd_ll Alright, so I dabbled a little with Windows 8 and tried to mess up the installation on purpose to show you some common installation problems, here’s a quick recap that will help you to get started

Common Problems During Or After A Windows Installation

When using the Windows installer to install the OS, you will run into quite a few problems from time to time, for example Windows might be unable to create a system partition because you currently have external devices plugged in. Another common problem is that you did not properly initialize your drive and Windows has problems recognizing it and giving you the error “no drives were found

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Yet another problem that is common is that in your BIOS your SATA port is set to RAID or AHCI and when booting Windows 8 you receive the error “driver_irql_not_less_or_equal”, which is also easier to fix than many sites suggest


Get Started: 10 Steps To Initialize A New Hard Drive 

Healty Primary Partition Corsair Ssd_ll

Alternative To Fresh Install: How to quickly clone a hard drive or SSD

The Following Drives Will Be Overwritten_ll

Files You Might Need: Download Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit ISO File

Using Setup Exe To Install Windows 7 Pro 64Bit_ll


Files You Might Need:  Burn Ubuntu Or Any Other ISO File 

Burning Ubuntu Using Built In Windows 8 Tool_ll


Fix: Setup was unable to create a new system partition

Startup Repair Fix Mbr_ll

Fixing Boot Records via “bootrec.exe”

Bootrec Exe Fix Mbr_ll

No drives were found: Click “load driver” 

Creating Disk Partition_ll