Turn On Fast Startup_preview_ll If you are tired of slow booting times, try the fast startup option. Turning it on speeds it up by up to 70%

Fast Startup also known as a hybrid boot is a great Windows 8 feature  that allows your system to start faster after being shut down. When enabled, Windows 8 takes advantage of using a hybrid shutdown and then saves important device driver information to the hiberfil.sys instead of completely shutting down your PC. Instead of doing a fresh boot, your system would actually resume from where you left it when you use the new hybrid boot feature.

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This speeds up the boot time by up to 70% thanks to the hiberfil.sys file which is much smaller when compared to other sleep modes. Unfortunately there MAY be issues you can run into. If you experience any issues or difficulties, make sure to turn this feature off.

But first let’s give it a try and turn it ON:

1. StepGo to the Control Panel and click on Power options

Click on Power Options in Windows 8

2. StepClick “choose what the power buttons do”

Click Choose what the power buttons do

3. StepClick “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”

Click Settings that are currently unavailable

4. StepGo down, and you would see the option “Turn on fast startup (recommended)”. On my system it is already enabled. Check or uncheck it and click Save Changes.

Turn on Faststartup

The hiberfil.sys can be a quite large file, so if you need to free disk space, turn the feature off

Hybrid boot is not recommend if you run into issues frequently after booting your PC