Free Disk Space By Deleting Hiberfil Sys_ll If you need to free disk space quickly, then make sure to delete the large hiberfil.sys that might exist on your hard drive and occupy several GB or more! Here’s how you can delete it

The problem with the hiberfil.sys is that it is so large and you might not have a lot of disk space on a SSD or a small HDD:

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Hiberfil Sys Takes Up Lots Of Disk Space.png

You can quickly free disk space by turning off hibernation:

Free Disk Space By Deleting Hiberfil Sys.png

Step 1: Start Elevated Command Prompt

1. Step Hit CTRL + F on your keyboard

2. Step Search for cmd.exe – click on Apps

Search For Cmd Exe

3. Step Right-click on cmd.exe and a check icon will appear. At the bottom click on Run as administrator

Right Click On Cmd Exe And Select Administrator Windows8

4. Step Alright, next verify that it says Administrator at the top and then enter the command exactly as seen below:
powercfg -h off

Turn Off Hibernation In Windows8.png

5. Step You are done – no reboot required. Windows 8 will auto delete the hiberfil.sys file and free disk space
Free Disk Space By Deleting Hiberfil Sys.png

Want To Turn On Hibernation Again?

It is very easy to re-enable hibernation. Follow steps 1-3 above again and then enter powercfg -h on
Reenable Hibernation On Windows8.png

If you still can’t turn off hibernation, post a question on our QA site! (

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