Because installing Windows 7 shell themes is for some still a daunting task, I developed a theme installer that can install Windows 7 shell themes and replace a lot of system files. It is still some work to install themes, but significantly less than installing them manually!

Windows 7 Theme Installer Beta

Must-have for everyone who’s truly interested in customizing Windows 7!

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So, how does this work? The Windows 7 theme installer by is basically capable of replacing system files and applying Windows 7 themes with only a few clicks.

Replace System Files Hassle-Free

Replace .theme, explorer.exe, OobeFldr.dll, explorerframe.dll, shell32.dll, imageres.dll, ehres.dll, shellstyle.dll

Replace Windows 7 System files

Replace Windows 7 32-bit system files on Windows 7 64-bit (SysWOW64)

If you are on Windows 7 64-bit, you can even insert 32-bit files that will copied to SysWOW64 (this is sometimes required in order to install Windows 7 shell themes)

Replace Windows 7 SysWoW64 files

Built-in Theme Manager (Beta):

Your installed Windows 7 themes will be listed and can be applied:

Installed Windows 7 themes

Advanced Users Can Replace More System Files

If you are an advanced user, you can create a shortcut and add the option advanced (simply advanced not -advanced) and you will be able to replace even more system files:

TimeDate.cpl, MyDocs.dll, Wmploc.dll, Ieframe.dll, Basebrd.dll (We will add more dll files on request)

Replace advanced system files

To enable the advanced mode add “advanced” to the shortcut target:

Advanced theme manager

If you want it to be able to replace any other system file, let me know!

Download Portable Windows 7 Theme Installer (Beta)

Creative Commons License

Windows 7 Theme Installer by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Only allowed to share if you provide a link to our site. Free for personal use.

Important MUST-READ before downloading:

1. Step Run this program as administrator only (right-click on .exe, run as Admin)
2. StepYou MUST patch your UXtheme.dll files or this tool will not work. Read more here
3. StepClose all other programs before installing themes (highly recommended!)
4. Step After installing a theme, you have to click on the Apply button (!) or it will not work
5. Step It is recommended to set a system restore point before using this tool and/or create backups of the original system files
6. Step Use SFC.exe to restore the original system files . Read more here
7. Step This is a beta and can contain bugs, please report at
8. StepUse at your OWN risk! (This program will modify system files)
9. Step Only download themes from trustworthy sites

Download Windows 7 Theme Installer

Advanced Users:
You can launch this program with advanced options. To do this, add the option advanced to the launch options.
This will allow you to modify even more system files like TimeDate.cpl, Basebrd.dll, etc.

We need your feedback!

There’s still a lot to do to improve the theme installer. As of right now, you should only use the theme installer to install themes and not to apply/change themes. This will be added in the next beta version 0.8.


  • You can use the theme installer to install files individually. You don’t have to actually install a complete theme.
  • Always click on Apply theme after installing a theme. This will then apply the theme. This is going to be fixed in the next version as well.
  • Don’t forgot to patch your UXtheme files or the installer won’t work at all.