Fresh_Books1 You want to upgrade your business and manage billing right from the cloud? Cloud accounting software is trending and there are some really reliable choices

Cloud accounting is a powerful tool that allows businesses and their customers to stay on the same page. Most of these cloud accounting tools provide online access of the billing history and current account to both the seller and the buyer. This prevents misunderstandings down the line.

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1) FreshBooks


Freshbooks is the pioneer in cloud account software, and many feel that it is still the best. It allows users to manage billing and support tickets as well as other vital tasks like doing taxes. For companies who utilize billable hours, there is a remotely accessible timer, which allows employees to clock in and clock out via their cell phones, so customers are paying for exactly the amount of services that they receive. In addition, Freshbooks allows multiple employees to work collaboratively on any aspect of your accounting from anywhere.

2) Xero Online Accounting


While many of these other cloud software solutions are great for businesses, Xero online accounting is also an excellent tool for managing personal finances as well. While this isn’t as feature-rich as some of the other services on this list, it is very intuitive, and beginners will find it easy to understand. Double entry bookkeeping, typically an arduous and complicated process, is much easier with Xero, which specializes in it.

3) Quickbooks Online


This is another great choice for those with a small business and not a lot of experience dealing with accounting software. While some may find the stripped down nature to be really appealing, others may feel the lack of features to be limiting. Companies who use a lot of invoices, however, will be pleased at how fleshed out this section of the service is. Printable receipts for customers are also a snap to set up.

4) Kashoo


iPad users are probably going to want to turn to Kashoo for their accounting, as it is the only one that supports that particular device to this degree. This program fully supports double entry bookkeeping, and has all of the standards expected from accounting software. Some of the frills aren’t available for this program yet, due to how new it is. However, it does support 100 different world currencies, which is great for people who do business internationally.

5) Outright


This is one of the cheaper solutions for online cloud accounting, but you get what you pay for. For its price, this is capable software designed for sole proprietorships and single-headed LLCs exclusively. It has most of the functions of the larger programs, but on a smaller scale. Especially useful for smaller businesses is the help with the 1099 form, a form that is used to keep track of taxes for people with a lot of miscellaneous income.

Accounting on the cloud is the next big step for companies looking to streamline this typically cumbersome aspect of business. With these tools, you can make accounting faster, easier and more accessible. The co-operative projects allowed by cloud computing, as well as being free of the need for keeping all of your records on site makes cloud accounting the best choice for many business models.