Download Manager_thumb.jpg 1Having trouble downloading large files such as the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO file? If so, you should definitely consider downloading a free download manager.

Download managers nowadays can do more than just download a file. In fact, they can speed up your downloads by 20% – in some cases more in some less. How this works you ask? Well, download managers establish multiple connections to a file and download several parts of a file simultaneously. Yep, that’s pretty awesome.

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I did some test runs and in comparison if you use a download manager to download a file such as the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO the download speed can go up like 300KB/s.

Regular file download: 1000KB/s
Download Manager: 1300KB/s

Here’s a picture of the download manager I use – download Fifa 12 here to test it
Download Manager 1


The FDM ver 3.8 build 1173 is really blazing fast and very stable.

Finding REAL Download URL

If you’re having problems locating the actual download URL, initiate a download the way you normally would, then open the Download window within your browser while you download a file and then copy the URL

Fifa 12 Demo Download 1

In Google Chrome you can simply right click on the URL in this case:

And then copy it using CTRL + C, back in Free Download Manager hit CTRL + N and then use CTRL + V to insert the URL and create a new download. Finally, enjoy the faster downloads!

CTRL + N = Start Download