There aren’t many firewalls that support Windows 8.1 yet, but Agnitum has recently released Agnitum Outpost Pro 9 which fully supports the latest OS

Solid Firewall With Auto-Learn System

Outpost allows you to quickly set up rules for all of your programs. Whenever you start a program and it is a trusted one, Agnitum will automatically create a rule for it – however, it will block all programs that are not considered trustworthy

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Agnitum Outpost Pro Firewall.png

Agnitum provides a decent firewall that is capable of quickly learning what programs it should allow and what programs it should block

Attack / Intruder Detection

Agnitum can quickly detect all attacks on Windows 8.1 – if you want to be notified of flood attacks or attacks targeting vulnerable ports you should set the attack detection to Optimal or Max:

Agnitum Attack Detection.png

Download Version 9

This is the full suite


This installer will only install the firewall (recommended for liteweight systems and old PC’s)