Road_trippers1 Planning a roadtrip? Here are 5 programs to plan your trip the right way

Gazettr is a free web-based program that allows users to add pictures and stories about places that they have visited, or to browse sites on a map that other people have previously described. It is a unique and new type of website; however, there are nonetheless a few alternatives.



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Roadtrippers, as its name implies, is a free program designed to help users plan their next road trip.

Advantages:While this program is primarily web-based, it does also offer a mobile app for iOS and Android users. It lets users plan select destinations, and plans the roads to be driven accordingly. It also tends to focus more on hole-in-the-wall type places, rather than well-known tourist attractions.

Disadvantages: The program does limit each road trip to a maximum of 25 waypoints, though this may not be a problem for shorter trips or trips that are heavily budgeted. In addition, some users have complained that gas stations cannot be added as waypoints, which could be essential if the trip is plotted through areas in which cities are few and far between, such as parts of the Midwest.

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Dopplr is a free customized social network that allows users to plan and share travel itineraries.

Advantages:This program is available for world-wide trip planning, rather than limited to trips in the United States. It allows users to create and modify travel plans, select destinations along the route, and to share these plans with other selected users.

Disadvantages:This program unfortunately hasn’t been updated since it was acquired by Nokia in 2009.

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TripIt is a free web-based and mobile trip planning program.

Advantages:This program allows users to easily create and modify travel itineraries and to share these plans with other users. These plans can also be updated and modified on compatible mobile devices, as the site offers support for Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Disadvantages:The free version of this program is fairly limited. While users do have access to the basic aspects of the program, they are prevented from using features such as mobile alerts, auto-sharing, and others. The Pro version of the program costs a moderate $49 per year.

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Streetgram is a new and unique way to search for Instagram photos and users, based on geographical location.

Advantages: This program allows users to search for photos on Instagram based on the location where the photo was taken. T his can be advantageous in that it can help users select places to visit or restaurants to eat at. The program is strictly web-based, though it can be accessed on mobile devices with a compatible web browser.

Disadvantages:It is a fairly new site, less than 2 years old, and as of the date of this writing, there is not currently a lot of information available on the program. This seems to indicate that, while interesting, it is not well known.

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Tripomatic_com1 is a free program designed to help users plan the best trip possible.

Advantages: This program is cross-platform, working on both Mac and Windows computers as well as through apps on compatible Android and iOS devices. It allows users to plan an itinerary, select locations to visit and adjust these plans as unforeseen events arise. It also suggests other local places that a user may want to visit, including attractions and restaurants.

Disadvantages:Users are unable to access their customized travel maps offline, which can cause quite a headache if they are traveling abroad and do not have an international data plan for their smart phone or mobile device.

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These are all very useful apps for anyone looking to plan a trip, whether it’s across the ocean, across the country, or merely across town.