Does the device manage not recognize your hardware? You can follow this tutorial to find the correct device driver for your unknown hardware that is not being recognized

PCI Codes

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More than often, many Windows 7 and Windows 8 Release Preview users are stuck with unknown / not recognized hardware. The driver is either not recognized by Windows or it cannot be installed on the system. This leaves the user with anger and frustration. However, there is a good way of getting the driver for an unknown hardware installed in your PC. If you are unsure of where to download the file from, here is a short

1. StepRight click Computer and select Manage.

Right click computer and select Manage

2. StepNow go to the Device Manager tab, select any category, right click the relevant sub category and click Properties. For me, I have selected the Wireless Modem.

Device Manager Properties

3. StepNow go to the Details tab and select Hardware IDs from the drop down menu. The one we need is alredy highlighted at the top. For your convenience, I would have the Value listed below:


From the above hardware ID, we can know the vendor and the actual ID of the hardware to search for the right driver online. The Vendor ID is located with the prefix VEN and the Device ID is located with the prefix DEV

The Vendor ID is 10EC

The Hardware ID is 8171

Hardware IDs

4. StepNow use the Vendor ID and the Hardware ID on the following website to get the required information:

PCI Database is one of the internet’s largest resource on knowing the right hardware and its driver for your system. Go to the website and enter the Vendor ID and Device ID onto the appropriate search fields and hit Search.

Vendor Device ID search

5. Step I did a search and found out the device driver for my hardware

Device ID known

As you can see, it has highlighted the exact driver of my wireless device. I can click on the Realtek Semiconductor Corp. link and visit the website to find out the device driver of my hardware.