Windows 7 Backup Tool Our last backup giveaway was a huge success, so we’re doing it again but with some competition! Create a Windows 7 theme and upload it to our site to win a copy of Handy Backup ($40 retail), an advanced backup software for Windows 7. There are also other ways to win, more after the break.

What is Handy Backup?

The last 4 winners reviewed the backup software: Handy Backup Reviews

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Of course, there is free backup software for Windows 7 that you can use, but having an advanced backup tool like Handy Backup that can do true incremental backups can potentially save you a lot of time and trouble.

What is Handy Backup capable of? Backup to external drives and servers, encrypt your backup data, schedule a backup to run it over night, run the backup as a service and simply get the job done.

I’ve been more than pleased with the backup tool and all of the winners of the last backup giveaway are still using the software happily. So, I’m pretty sure that you will appreciate the software.

How to win the backup software? Do either a) or b) or c)

Backup Software Giveaway Winner

There are multiple ways to win this contest. One copy will be awarded to each winner of  a), b), c)

  • a) Upload a Windows 7 theme that you created on your own. This can either be a .themepack file or a real shell theme. Users will then vote on the best themes and the best theme will win.
  • b) Post a link to this backup giveaway on your favorite forum, website or mention it on your own blog (tumblr/stumbleupon blog also accepted)
  • c) Send a useful Windows 7 tip (preferably one that is not well-known) to [email protected] or post it via the comment form below.
  • d) Depending on the number of people who participate, we’ll be giving away another copy to a random commentator.

Contest Dates:

Windows 7 theme submission ends: 31th August, 2010
Poll to select the best uploaded Windows 7 theme start date: 1st September, 2010
All backup giveaway winners will be announced on 7th September, 2010.

You are allowed to participate in all “tasks” (a-c) to increase your chances of winning.