This is a collection of Windows registry tweaks. Please note that those are tweaks for Windows 7 which may not work correctly on newer versions but may be similar.

Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

Stop: Make A Backup Of Your Registry!

Before you proceed and apply some of our registry tweaks, make sure to backup your registry. If you would like to see what is actually getting inserted into the registry, open the .reg files with a notepad editor.

We have thoroughly tested all registry tweaks and they work fine on our test systems, however we take no liability for any damages.

It might be useful to know how to restore the backup when you can no longer start your PC: You can restore it in safe mode or do a system restore. If you can no longer boot into Windows 7, I suggest to insert the Windows 7 DVD and start the repair mode. From there you can not only try to perform a system restore but also open the command prompt and use the regedit command to restore the registry from a backup file.

How to backup Windows 7 registry

Tip: Blue Headlines Are Links

The blue headlines are links. If one of the Windows 7 registry tweaks download links is missing, you should click on the headline for further instructions how to apply this tweak. Not all tweaks are actually downloadable, because some might have custom keys that you need to add yourself.

If you are tired of the new logon screen, enable the classic logon screen as you know it from Windows XP without displaying your username. This registry tweak will make it really easy:

Enable Classic Logon Screen in Windows 7

Download Registry Tweak

Add delete button

This useful registry tweak adds a new “Delete” button to the Windows Explorer. Very handy!

Download Registry Tweak

Folder Cover Art

Use this tweak if you want add an option to the context-menu to set an image as a folder cover.

If you want to lower your latency click on the link headline and follow the instructions how to apply the registry tweak to Windows 7.

Lower Latency

Download: Click on headline 4. to learn more. It’s a link

If you want to get rid of the shortcut arrow icons in Windows 7 apply this registry tweak and they will be gone forever:

Remove shortcut arrow

Download Registry Tweak

If you want to enable Dreamscene in Windows 7, download our tweaking package for animated wallpapers and Windows 7 themes.

Use dreamscene

Download: Click on headline 6. to learn more. It’s a link

Logon Screensaver for Windows 7

When to use: If you want a screensaver for the logon screen you can use this registry tweak. Very cool tweak for Windows 7 customizers.

You like to pin stuff to the Windows 7 Start Menu? Me too! Did you know that you can pin folders to the Start Menu? Yep, use this tweak. Handy!

Pin Folders To Start Menu

Download Registry Tweak

Sharing files between a Mac and a Windows 7 PC can be trouble. However, with this registry tweak and our instructions it will be become a lot easier.

Share Files BEtween Mac and Windows 7

Download Registry Tweak

Disable Filestamp

You want to optimize your SSD? Download this registry tweak that disables the last access timestamps and lowers the disk writes and your SSD lifespan.

Download Registry Tweak

You think the taskbar previews are too small? Increase their size with this tweak!

Change Taskbar Preview Size in Windows 7

Download Registry Tweak

You don’t like the size of your taskbar icons? Change it with this little tweak!

Change Taskbar Icon Size

Download Registry Tweak: Change Icon Size to 32
Download Registry Tweak: Change Icon Size to 56

How to disable preview pane

When to use: If you find the preview pane extremely annoying download this registry tweak.

When to use: If you don’t like the default settings (drive letter after drive name), customize Windows 7 with this tweak.
Show Drive Letters First
Download Registry Tweak

When to use: If you find this balloon tip very annoying and you already know that you are running low on disk space apply this Windows 7 registry tweak and you’ll no longer be annoyed by that message.
Low Disk Space Warning Windows 7
Download Registry Tweak

This registry tweaks adds the TakeOwnership command to your context menu, which will help you to quickly take ownership of files and folders. Must-have for Windows 7 users who want to be more productive!
Take Ownership Of Files and Folders
Download Registry Tweak

Windows 7 Security Center: Check for solutions

When to use: If you have more advanced security solutions than the integrated free security center you might want to apply this tweak.

Close Programs To Prevent Information Loss

Do you want to disable the message “Close programs to prevent information loss”? Click on the headline to find out more about this tweak!

Disable Encryption

If you want to disable the encryption in Windows 7 use this registry tweak and Windows 7 will no longer have a NTFS encryption.

Download Registry Tweak

Disable Compression

If you want to disable compression in Windows 7 use this registry tweak.

Download Registry Tweak

Is your Windows 7 themes service not working? Fix it with this registry tweak. For more details click the headline

Fix Windows 7 Themes

Download Registry Tweak

Enable PAE

PAE can be useful to address more than 4GB on Windows 7 32-bit. If you need to enable it, download this registry tweak.

Download Registry Tweak

The Windows Malicious Removal Tool (MRT) is sending anonymous usage reports. If you want to disable them, you can use this registry tweak. Easy!
Disable Anonymous reports
Download Registry Tweak

Increase Max Connections

Increase the number of maximum connections in Windows 7, which can speed up your internet connection. Awesome tweak for Windows 7!

Download Registry Tweak

Disable bandwidth limit

When to use: If you don’t want Windows 7 to reserve memory for system tasks that require bandwidth. Disabling the bandwidth limit in Windows 7 can help to speed up the internet in some cases, but is only a minor tweak that only affects users who download Windows Updates a lot.

If your mouse refuses to work after hibernating.

Mouse not working

Download Registry Tweak

If your DVD refuses to work and is not getting recognized in Windows 7 download both registry tweaks below.

DVD not recognized

If you want to get rid of IPv6 via registry, apply this tweak.

Disable IPV6

Download Registry Tweak

If you want to switch to AHCI for performance reasons, this Windows 7 tweak will be useful.

Enable AHCI

Download Registry Tweak

If you want to apply Windows 7 Aero themes, but your motherboard doesn’t support it you can try to force enable Aero.

Enable Aero

Download Registry Tweak

Sometimes the system icons are “gone”, but you can easily re-enable them with this registry tweak.

Lower Latency

Download Registry Tweak

The message “Do you want to run this file” is pretty annoying. If you want to get rid of this use this Windows 7 registry tweak.

Disable do you want to run this file

Download Registry Tweak

Windows 7 Appearance

You want to easily toggle between best performance and best appearance? Use this registry tweak for Windows 7:

Download Registry Tweak

Download Registry Tweak

Disable Auto Restart System Failure

When to use: If you don’t want your system to restart right a way after a crash without you seeing any error message or blue screen this Windows 7 tweak is very useful.

Replace notepad with notepad++

When to use: If you need a more sophisticated notepad for Windows 7.

One or more of the settings on this page has been disabled=

When to use: If you want themes on your PC, but the admin disabled them.

What is Windows doing in the background

When to use: If you want to know what Windows is doing when it boots, reboots, shuts down, etc.

When to use: If you want to manually download Windows Media Player updates.

Download Registry Tweak

When to use: If you don’t need this splash screen, get rid of it.
Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

Download Registry Tweak

Remove write protection from USB drives

When to use: If you can’t delete files from an external drive or copy files on it this tweak will help you out!

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